The Enneagram and SoulCollage® : Coming Full Circle

August 11-13, 2017 :: Retreat Weekend+

Kathleen Grittner

The Enneagram give us tools for self-observation and allows us to experience greater

clarity and understanding of ourselves and our relationship with others. The SoulCollage® 

process is a creative method that naturally brings forth your inner knowing and

illuminates aspects of your being, allowing you to become more fully aware of them.

Learn how the images you create intuitively and the Enneagram can help you move more deeply into relationship

with yourself and provide a kind of map that can guide you through the currents of everyday experience,

expand compassion, freedom and joy and bring wisdom to life.

A notebook/journal is recommended for this retreat.

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For more about SoulCollage® and the Enneagram, see our “What Is” page.

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$375 for registrations received before July 28, $425 after

Commuters lodging off-site: $300 before July 28, $350 after

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SoulCollage® Tending Your Inner Goodness

By request for your group

Kathleen Grittner

Like a garden, your innate goodness needs tending. SoulCollage® is an enjoyable, creative

way to tend your “inner garden”, to cultivate and water the seeds of that which nourishes

you and to allow the sun of your inner wisdom to shine.

SoulCollage® is amazingly simple, relaxing, creative fun that anyone can do. Simple, yet a

powerful way of knowing yourself in all your diversity and depth. Using the art method of

collage, we make “cards” that may surprise and awaken you! Playing with images allows you

to let go of thinking and planning and shift into a relaxed state where intuition awakens,

creativity flows, and awareness expands; where your own inner teacher can be felt & seen.

SoulCollage® and simple mindfulness practices are the tools we will use during this retreat, ones you can use every

day as you navigate through life’s changes, challenges and joys, growing your unique “seed” to fruition.

Join us for a soulful, creatively satisfying experience. Lots of images and all you need will be provided.

Bring some of your own images and tool if you like. 


For more about SoulCollage® and the Enneagram, see our “What Is” page.

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Navigating the Second Half of Life with SoulCollage®

By request for your group

Kathleen Grittner

Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are commonly the only three recognized

developmental stages of life. When we find our traditional roles have shifted,

when we begin to experience a lacking fulfillment with a career, or a relationship

has changed or come to an end, --we are moving into the second half of life.

How do we navigate and understand these often unsettling times of transition?

What are the challenges, gifts and opportunities? Where do we find clarity, meaning and joy when we feel stuck,

lost and floundering? These “mid-life” shifts usually take place between the ages of thirty-five and seventy.

The second half of life is full of potential and provides rich possibilities to grow, evolve and to embrace your

authentic self. It is a time to honor what you have learned and experienced along the way, and to uncover new

ways of being. It is a stage of life that is spiritually rich where we can choose to truly grow up, mature, and come

into our full wholeness. You have more choice and freedom than ever before and can move through life with dignity,

wisdom and grace.

We will explore the terrain of the second half of life through the lens of the Enneagram, story and creativity using

the SoulCollage® process.

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We recommend bring a journal for this workshop.


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Kathleen Grittner, M.A. owner/director of Full Circle Retreat, where surrounded by the

beauty and energy of nature, invites you to experience your own innate creativity. In a

relaxing environment free from judgment, competition or the pressure to attain particular

results, Kathleen shares processes that inspire intuition and imagination to come out and

play. She encourages you to approach art making in the spirit of beginners curiosity and

to notice what arises from your own inner teacher. Drawing upon various contemplative

practices, she teaches methods that facilitate self-knowing and your inherent healing ability.

Primarily focusing on imagery as a conduit for deeper awareness, music, movement, writing and traditional

meditation practices are also integrated into the retreat and workshop experiences that she guides.

Kathleen earned a masters degree in art therapy after studying studio arts, philosophy, literature, world religions

and psychology at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee. She continues a life-long exploration of the art forms,

teachings, research and spiritual practices that bring more clarity, peace, compassion and joy to our everyday lives.

In 2003, Kathleen opened her rural home, Full Circle Retreat to those who have the desire to develop a deeper

relationship with themselves, to live wholeheartedly and to grow in community.

Kathleen is a SoulCollage® facilitator, teacher of the Enneagram and a personal consultant, with particular interest

in where imagery, neuroscience, and spiritual practice intersect. She completed the Full Circle Enneagram

Training Program with Anne Muree in 2012, and has studied with several other well-known teachers. Kathleen is

currently a board member of the Minnesota chapter of the International Enneagram Association.


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