What is the Enneagram?


At its most basic level the Enneagram is a system that describes nine personality types/styles. It is


a tool that can help us better understand and be more comfortable with ourselves and other people.


It describes a fundamental structure found everywhere in the world in all cultures. Ultimately the


Enneagram is an archetype of our human experience that illustrates a path of healing, balance,


wholeness, integration and spiritual growth.




Why might I want to discover my personality structure/type/style?


The process of discovering your type allows you to begin to see a more complete view of yourself and others.


The story, Blind Men and an Elephant, comes to mind. This is a synopsis of the story…


Six blind men are asked by the king to describe what an elephant is like, each touching a different part of the


elephant. The blind man who feels a leg says the elephant is like a pillar; the one who feels the tail says


the elephant is like a rope; the one who feels the trunk says the elephant is like a tree branch; the one who feels


the ear says the elephant is like a fan; the one who feels the belly says the elephant is like a wall; and the one


who feels the tusk says the elephant is like a solid pipe. The king says to them, “Although each of you is


experiencing and describing something different, all of you are correct. Each one of you has felt a different


part of the elephant and indeed the elephant has all the qualities you describe. All of your observations


are true, although only partially true because each is only a partial view”.


As the blind men in the story, the Enneagram helps us to realize the particular partial view in which we tend to


look at and experience the world, all equally true and useful. However, to access and benefit from the whole of


our human experience we must be aware of the existence of the other equally valid and important perspectives.


The Enneagram invites us to explore our own perspective as well as those less familiar to us so that we may


see a more complete picture. Developing a broader view empowers us to make more conscious choices


and allows for greater clarity, ease, understanding and truth. With expanded awareness our relationship with


ourselves, others and our every day life situations tend to become more harmonious, whole and fulfilling.




What is Collage?


Collage is an art method of gathering materials, usually paper images, and arranging and gluing them to a surface.


“Picasso seems to have coined the word collage. Certainly the etymological basis is the French word coller meaning to paste or


to glue, and that is exactly what collage is: the creative act of cutting out and pasting down pieces, usually of paper.


What is cut out and pasted is, quite often, an image. This image is cut out of its original context and imaginatively placed,


in a new context one that the artist's imagination devises. Collage is a simple, accessible sort of media; anyone can do it


without years of training or expensive tools. Nonetheless it can still provide a surprisingly effective outlet


for our creative drive. This easy accessibility is one practical reason I chose it.”           - Seena Frost/SoulCollage®




What is SoulCollage® ?

SoulCollage® is amazingly simple, relaxing, creative fun that anyone and do. Simple, yet a

powerful way of knowing yourself in all your diversity and depth. Using the art method of

collage, you make “cards” that may surprise and awaken you! Playing with images allows you

to let go of thinking and planning and shift into a relaxed state where intuition awakens,

creativity flows and awareness expands.

”When I make SoulCollage® cards it nourishes me on all levels of being. I put on beautiful music, have a cup of tea, and begin

gathering images. My body relaxes as I look at images and play around arranging them. My mind calms and easily slips into

that blissful “no time” zone where thinking, planning and to do lists drop away. I experience a sense of open space where my

creative, intuitive self feels invited to come in, be naturally curious and move freely. When I make cards, whether alone or in the

company of others, it feels like a personal retreat, a refuge from ordinary demands, stress melts away and I am able to attain a

deep level of relaxation essential to health and well-being. In this receptive realm of imagination and intuition, I find inspiration,

new ideas and solutions often arise, and I experience a liberating sense of tranquility.”                          — Kathleen Grittner

The heart of the SoulCollage® process is exploring what the images hold for you. Once you have made some cards

and are ready to delve into the deeper layers of this practice, your cards can be used in multiple ways that can

bring forward the wisdom and guidance they reflect for you. Your cards allow you direct access to your inner

knowing. What’s amazing is this direct knowing emerges quite naturally and effortlessly—it is always there,

we already have it, it is the true nature of the mind and heart. We only need to create an opening and allow it

to come through. Making SoulCollage® cards creates such an opening. Engaging with the images that emerge

allows us to experience greater clarity and understanding and helps us discern what is really true; to know things

as they are.

“We cannot hold Truth with words. We can only see it, experience it, for ourselves”.— Buddha-dharma.

You may be surprised by how practical and helpful this simple process can be, how your images illuminate what

may otherwise be difficult to see, can expand your perspective and enrich your everyday life. With mindfulness,

guide and support your growth path and the development of deeper compassion, greater happiness, inner peace

and joy. ----See the 13-minute video WHY do SoulCollage® at www.soulcollage.com

“In SoulCollage® work we emphasize that our cards are made for personal use only, and are not created to be sold, or even

traded. This principle underlines that this is a deeply personal deck of cards, created for one's own use, for self-understanding,

for healing and for just plain enjoyment. Hence you can cut out and use any image that is particularly numinous for you.

You can use just one image on a new background, or put several pieces on one card. Whatever is right for you. You can,

of course, show your cards, explain them, and "read" them (to answer your own questions) with other people.”    - Seena Frost

Truth does not need any explanation. It only needs to be seen.” — Buddha-dharma.


What do I mean by Soul?

Soul is the part of you that is simply here, the aware, loving presents with in; your unseen inner guide. Your soul

connects your human finite being with Divine infinite being; where unity with Spirit, Essence, Source, God is possible


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to what is in the present moment. It is the practice of remembering to

bring yourself, your awareness to whatever is happening right now, noticing and staying with however it is.

The benefits of cultivating mindful awareness can ultimately make your life, with all its conflicts, confrontations and

distractions, easier to navigate in every situation. Being mindful in everyday life can slow things down long enough

to observe what is actually going on and to make a choice before we react. This is empowering. This is freedom.

Seeing things as they are rather than how we would like them to be, will change your way of being in the world.

Every act done in the sunlight of awareness becomes sacred.” - “It is not a matter of faith. It is a matter of practice.”

Thich Nhat Hanh




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