Full Circle Retreat ~ Instructor Profiles


Kathleen Grittner, M.A. owner/director of Full Circle Retreat, where surrounded by the

beauty and energy of nature, invites you to experience your own inherent creativity. In a

relaxing environment free from judgment, competition or the pressure to produce certain

results, Kathleen shares processes that inspire intuition and imagination to come out and

play. She encourages you to approach art making in the spirit of beginners curiosity and

to notice what arises from your inner teacher. Drawing upon various contemplative

practices, she teaches methods that facilitate self-knowing and your own healing capacity.

Primarily focusing on imagery as a conduit for deeper awareness, music, movement, writing and traditional

meditation practices are also integrated into the retreat and workshop experiences that she guides.

Kathleen earned a masters degree in art therapy after studying studio arts, philosophy, literature, world religions

and psychology at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee. She continues a life-long exploration of the art forms,

teachings, research and spiritual practices that bring more clarity, peace, compassion and joy to our everyday lives.

In 2003, Kathleen opened her rural home, Full Circle Retreat to those who have the desire to develop a deeper

relationship with themselves, to live wholeheartedly, and to grow in community.

Kathleen is a SoulCollage® facilitator, teacher of the Enneagram and a personal consultant, with particular interest

in where imagery, neuroscience, and spiritual practice intersect. She completed the Full Circle Enneagram

Training Program with Anne Muree in 2012, and has studied with several other well-known teachers. Kathleen is

currently a board member of the Minnesota chapter of the International Enneagram Association.



Retreats by this Instructor – Mandalas: A Centering Practice - Journaling with Images - Art As Practice: Intuitive Art Making

- The Artist’s Way - Hundreds of Ways … - Inquiry Writing/Journaling - SoulCollage®/Summer - SoulCollage®/Enneagram

- SoulCollage®/Autumn - Spring Renewal: Rest and Rejuvenation - Autumn Rest and Reflection - Autumn Equinox Harvest

Retreats by Request – Walking Up To Spirit Through Art and Art As Spiritual Practice and Shrines and Altars: Collage/Assemblage

and Art Journals and Art Materials: An Art Media Discovery Playshop and ART For the Truly Terrified and Knitting Socks 



Anne Muree is a transformational and spiritual coach, Enneagram educator and

SoulCollage® facilitator. She is a master teacher and has been facilitating adult

groups for 30 years. Mother/daughter relationships through the lens of the Enneagram

are of special interest for Anne, and she has been conducting workshops for 10 years.

Anne has studied and used the Enneagram in her work for 20 years. 

She is certified to teach the Enneagram by Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels and

Don Riso and Russ Hudson. Anne has also studied with Claudio Naranjo.

She is active in the Minnesota IEA Chapter and has served on the board of the

International Enneagram Association.

More about Anne Muree at: www.annemuree.com

Retreats by this Instructor – You, Your Mother, & Your Soul: Looking at Generational Healing Through the Lens of the Enneagram



Cheri Bunker combines her love for recreational music making with the many healing

art forms she practices, facilitates and is certified in, including SoulCollage© and Remo

HealthRHYTHMS - an evidence based wellness protocol, involving empowerment

drumming to help you experience stress relief, healing, and joy through percussion.

Cheri taught and was on the Board of Directors of the Women's Drum Center in St Paul

where she led monthly drum circles. Cheri now heads her own venture Drum It Up!

and can be found teaching and leading drumming circles at many types of venues with

people of all ages and abilities. www.soulcollage.com




~ Previous Instructors ~


Audrey Chowdhury, MS, a board certified registered art therapist, with an MS in art therapy

from Mount Mary University. She traveled with the International Council of the Thirteen

Indigenous Grandmothers during her studies to become an ordained Minister of

Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies where she learned of the

importance of connecting to our ancestors.

She is also one of the first SoulCollage® facilitators and trainers and has been presenting

workshops and trainings around the US and Canada for many years.

Early on, Audrey studied Soul-based Psychology and Integrative Breathwork and trained

with Jacquelyn Small of the Euspsychia Institute where she discovered the power of musical journey to

take us to the realms beyond our everyday awareness

More about Audrey at: www.creativespiritguide.com and www.soulcollage.com - email Audrey at: acsunprairie@aol.com

Retreats by this Instructor – Your Ancestors Are Calling!

Retreats by Request – Musical Soul Journey and SoulCollage®



Deb Bachmann, Tao Shiatsu practitioner, founder of the Tao Sangha Center in Madison, WI.

Ryokyu Endo, a Japanese Buddhist priest and Tao Shiatsu Master introduced Deb Bachmann to

Nembutsu (Buddhist chanting) practice in 1992 while she was studying Tao Shiatsu in Japan.

After completing her studies she founded the Tao Sangha Center in Madison, WI in 1996.

The Tao Sangha Center offers spiritual development courses, training in Nembutsu, Tao Shiatsu

treatments and classes, as well as opportunities to share the heart of giving with those in need

through local and international aid projects.

More information at: www.taosangha-na.com - email Deb at usa@taosangha.com

Retreats by Request – Ki and Heart Health Practices and Nembutsu Buddhist Chanting



Kay Brathol-Hostvet’s pastel and acrylic landscape paintings have been described as

“contemporary regionalism” and “emotive landscapes.” She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts

degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Studio Arts, with concentrations in

painting and drawing. She currently works from her studio in Madison, WI.

Kay Brathol-Hostvet’s work is in numerous private and corporate collections including the

University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, and Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

She is represented by Artisan Gallery, Paoli, Wisconsin and BNOX Gold & Iron and Fine Art.

Kay feels sharing ourselves with others is the greatest gift we can give. She enjoys teaching

classes for adults and young people. Kay understands that beginners are often fearful of

“mistakes,” judgment, and failure. Her classes are informative, interactive, non-judgmental, and FUN! 

Kay respectfully guides students to develop their skills, challenging them to grow beyond their

expectations. With her passion and enthusiasm for art-making, she encourages others to pursue their own “voice”.

To view more of Kay’s work, please visit: www.KayBratholHostvet.com

Retreats by Request – Soft Pastels Adventure



Deb Biechler, M.A. received her master’s degree in Education from Viterbo University

in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She co-facilitated the Central Wisconsin Writing Project at the

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for six years and was an adjunct faculty member of

Viterbo University and UW-Green Bay.

In 2011, Deb Biechler took early retirement from teaching full time, sold her house, and accepted

a position in the south of France house-sitting and gardening. Deb has been drawn to the written

and spoken word from an early age. In France, she continues to discover ways that words connect

us to our inner wisdom and divine guidance; grow grace and strength through expressed

gratitude;and work like bridges, allowing us travel into the experiences, hearts and minds of others.

Deb teaches writing as a form of play, a means of discovery and connection, as a path and powerful tool for creating

change. She currently enjoys life traveling around the world, writing, and stopping off here and there to teach.

Retreats by Request - Writing Retreat: Growing Grace/Journaling Gratitude

Retreats by Request – Writing Your Stories



Lisa Moriarty, BA, CLF is a Labyrinth Designer and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. She

creates sacred space for individuals, churches, groups and organizations as well as

conducting workshops, retreats and presentations on the history and use of labyrinths.

Lisa has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and has trained with Rev. Lauren Artress

of Veriditas,Worldwide Labyrinth Project, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and Master

Labyrinth Maker Robert Ferré of Labyrinth Enterprises in St. Louis, MO. She is a board

member of The Labyrinth Society,an international organization and an active member

of the Minnesota Labyrinth Network.

Lisa creates unique labyrinth designs, including Circle of Peace™, a 7-circuit concentric circle

design that blends elements of the ancient classical and medieval or Chartres-like patterns with sacred geometric

principles. Another widely embraced design is the Dancing Woman™, a design inspired by the ancient Baltic Wheel

pattern and developed to represent triumph, celebration, compassion, joy and comfort.

To see these labyrinths designs and learn more about Lisa go to: www.PathsOfPeace.com

Retreats by Request – Creating Labyrinths



Barb Kobe, is an artist specializing in doll making as visual metaphor. She is also an

Expressive Arts Coach, Group Facilitator, Teacher, and Curriculum Designer.

Barb began making dolls many years ago using roots from her garden. Her first dolls were a

means of exploring deeper parts of herself. By making these dolls, she was able to affirm

the life process, the joy and the pain, and let go of what needed release and move toward

transformation and healing. The threads that weave through Barb’s work are women's

issues of empowerment, spirituality and healing.

Barb is passionate about art and healing and believes that the act of doll making can take

the doll maker through a deep creative process that can bring unknown parts of oneself to

conscious awareness, and set change in motion. Spiritual rituals and healing symbols deepen this process.

Nature is a primary source of inspiration. In addition to fibers and clay, Barb often uses sticks, roots, and

other materials found in nature for doll making.

More about Barb at: www.BarbKobe.com

Retreats by Request – Medicine Dolls: Making Healing Dolls



Seeing the world as an artist since early childhood, Kathie Wheeler has drawn and

painted throughout her life. She was raised in the Chicago area and studied art at

Eastern Illinois University and the Academy of Art in Chicago.

Kathie was a freelance commercial and portrait artist in Chicago before moving to Vernon

County in 1995. She now lives on a small farm with her husband, son, and daughter and

continues to paint in her studio and plein air.

For the past 12 years she has exhibited her work nationally and continues to teach in the public and private

schools, as well as adult classes.

More about Kathie at: www.KathieWheeler.com

Retreats by Request – Oil Painting En Plein Air

Retreats by Request – Oil Painting: Landscape/Portrait Painting



Ann Tristani

Becoming an oil painter is Ann’s response to a lifetime of exploring and appreciating creation.

After a childhood of romping in a ravine and climbing trees, a college career majoring in art and

biology, marriage and four children, it was at last time for Ann to paint! And so Ann painted

and painted and painted some more!

Over the years, Ann has studied with many nationally recognized oil painting Masters. She is

represented by several galleries throughout the Midwest and teaches ongoing oil painting

classes and workshops at the White Bear Center for the Arts where, “Slam in those darks!” is

a favorite phrase Ann hopes her students will come to understand and apply. She is a fun and

encouraging teacher who remembers what it’s like to be a beginning painter.

More about Ann and to view her paintings, visit: www.AnnTristani.com

Retreats by this Instructor – Plein Air Paintings with Oils




Molly Cranch, BFA

My work is essentially a meditation on nature. As a deeply entrenched city dweller,

I relish the sight of sunlit branches or birds overhead and truly appreciate the healing

power of nature.

Nature is an enduring theme in my paintings with subject matter ranging from the birds

I began painting over ten years ago, to complex botanical forms, and atmospheric landscapes.

I received a BFA in painting from Washington University in St Louis and a certificate

in art education from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I teach art to a wide range of people of all ages.

My paintings are exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.

I currently live in Chicago and enjoy sharing life with my husband, two young sons and two teenaged stepsons. 

More about Molly visit: www.mollycranch.com

Retreats by this Instructor - Taking Flight: Painting Birds and Painting Nature: Atmosphere and Light



Lisa Schlingerman, MA in Human Development from St Mary’s College in Minneapolis,

Minnesota. Lisa is a Tai Chi instructor, artist, expressive art therapist, Reiki practitioner

and former Montessori teacher. Lisa has been an educator for 35 years, integrating the

philosophies of all the disciplines she has studied. Lisa believes that genuine

expression comes for the ability to describe the uniqueness of everyday experience.

Her integrated approach offers an environment that expands the potential for self-

expression. As an artist, Lisa creates in a spirit of self-discovery. For her, practicing

Tai Ji compliments her art making by sustaining the source of energy, connecting to the

patterns of nature and bringing to light images that truly express the body, heart and mind.

Lisa lives on the banks of the St Croix River and is a member of The Living Tao, Minnesota Art Therapy Association,

and Art Reach Alliance of the St Croix Valley. She is on the Board of St Croix River Association and is founder of

ARTSelf® a natural source of expression that reveals itself during the creative process.

More about Lisa at: www.TaiChiLisa.com

Retreats by Request – Metaphors That Move You: A Tai Ji and Art Retreat



Carol J Anderson, Ph.D.

Carol’s entire career has been helping others find their unique ways of learning and being. First

as a special education teacher, then teacher educator and later as dean of education in schools

and universities in Connecticut, Utah, Wyoming, Missouri and Minnesota.

After 30 years as an educator she left her career to follow the wisdom of her soul. Carol now

resides in rural Wisconsin and Minneapolis actively designing and living the Second Half of her Life.

Carol has worked extensively with Angeles Arrien Ph.D., cultural anthropologist and author of

The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Initiation and currently speaks, teaches and facilitates

workshops based on Arrien’sEight Gates” work. Carol also guides, coaches, and mentors others who are on the

same journey; the adventure of exploring what’s ahead in their Second Half of Life.

Learn more at: www.findingyourwayinthesecondhalfoflife.com

Retreats by this Instructor - Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life



M’Lou Wilkie majored in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, earning a BSE degree in 1976.

Attended Mount Mary College in Wauwautosa, WI and earned an MS degree in Art Therapy in 1994. For the

past 14 years has been teaching Elementary Art at the Richland School District and has taught beadwork and

stained glass techniques to different age groups in the community. Practices Art Therapy and works with small

groups or individuals on an occasional basis.

More about M’Lou at: www.VivaGallery.net

Retreats by Request – Beadwork: Flat Peyote Stitch and Bead Loom Weaving



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