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Retreats programs are full day and half day formats scheduled so that you can attend

a single one, or combine them for a more intensive exploration.

On-site lodging is not available at this time. A full range of lodging is available in the area.

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Generational Healing with the Enneagram: You, Your Mother, and Your True Self

April 27- April 29, 2018 :: Friday 1pm to Sunday 3pm at Holy Wisdom, Madison, WI

This women’s retreat is about claiming our power as women and coming back to ourselves.

It is for women of all ages, who want to bring more joy to their life, connect with their

creativity, and live the life that is waiting for them. You will gain more clarity about ways

in which your mother‘s history continues to influence your choices, health, beliefs and life.

We will create space for healing and returning to our true nature using the Enneagram tool.

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SoulCollage® Communicating with Your Higher Self

July 21, 2018 :: Saturday Retreat Day 9am–5pm

SoulCollage® is a creative way to give your mind space to ask its questions and for your

heart to arise with the answers. This simple, enjoyable process allows you to cultivate a

deeper relationship with your inner knowing.

Images are the language of the soul and give you access to the ever-present wisdom

and guidance within.

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Using your Collage Images—Looking into the Mystery

July 22, 2018 :: Sunday 9am–1pm

Once you have made some collage cards, now what do you do with them?

There are many ways--come explore some options, try them out, find what works for you

and begin to develop your own way of being with your images and the energy, wisdom

and creativity they hold for you.

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Discovering Your Enneagram Type with Imagery

July 27, 2018 :: Friday 9am–5pm

Are you new to the Enneagram, curious about it? Interested in discovering which of the

nine universal personality styles your have? Or perhaps you have begun to discover yours

yet feel you have not quite landed on the one that feels right---this is for you!

Come learn about the nine types and gain understaning about what motivates us.

With greater understanding and compassion, more choice and freedom is possible.

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The Enneagram and Imagery—Seeing Your Sacred Journey

July 28, 2018 :: Saturday Retreat Day 9am to 5pm

The Enneagram give us tools for self-observation that allow us to experience greater

clarity & understanding of ourselves and others. Imagery naturally engages the right brain

which helps you develop a partnership with your unconscious. Your unconscious is trying to

take you somewhere, guide you, to expand your awareness beyond the narrow view of the

personality. A dynamic combination that can assist you through the currents of daily life.

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Practicing Presence--Hundreds of Ways…

July 29, 2018 :: Sunday 9am to 1pm

Relax the body, clear the mind. There are hundreds of ways that can be learned and

practiced anywhere, anytime—while sitting, standing, walking, lying down, at work…

We will draw upon various traditions and explore a variety of practices that can bring

more ease, clarity, compassion and joy to your everyday life. Shape a practice that is

doable and right for you—one that fits your particular life circumstances a this time.

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Cultivating Happiness with Imagery and Meditation

August 4, 2018 :: Saturday 9am to 5pm

Quiet time for meditation and engaging your creativity. You will make personal images

that reflect your essential qualities using the art method of collage and learn how to

use them with a meditation practice taught by Thich Nhat Hanh for cultivating happiness.

The qualities of joy, solidity, calm and freedom are within us, are essential to happiness,

and can be cultivated through meditation”.

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 Custom Retreats

Retreats for your private group may be provided by request here at Full Circle Retreat or at your facility.

See “RETREATS BY REQUEST” for more information.




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Past Retreats at Full Circle Retreat

Art-Creativity/Spiritual Practice/Meditation Retreats  ~  Writing Retreats

Rest and Restore Retreats  ~  Painting Retreats  ~  Creative Life Process Retreats


~ Art-Creativity/Spiritual Practice/Meditation Retreats ~


SoulCollage®  Tending Your Inner Garden


Your innate goodness needs tending. SoulCollage® is an enjoyable, creative way to tend

your “inner garden”, to cultivate and water the seeds of that which nourishes your life.

SoulCollage® is an amazingly simple, fun, and relaxing way to get to know yourself in all

of your diversity and depth. It is a creative, visual way of bringing the many aspects of

your life into balance and harmony with your deepest desires.

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The Enneagram and SoulCollage®: Coming Full Circle:


In this retreat we’ll explore how SoulCollage® reflects your Enneagram type and how

seeing it more fully and moving more deeply into relationship with your type or

personality style can provide a kind of map you might use to guide you through the

currents of everyday experience and ultimately chart a course that leads you back

to a state of inner freedom and joy.

Retreat Details


SoulCollage®:Moving Inward Autumn-Retreat

Weekend, Mid-Week or entire Week Retreat

Autumn, the season of harvest, completion and turning leaves; a beautiful reminder that

slowing down and moving inward is a natural and essential cycle in all of life; a colorful

invitation to connect with your natural self. Take this opportunity to fully immerse

yourself in the sensual pleasures of autumn, earths soothing resonance and in the

SoulCollage® process. You will find plenty of colorful imagery and inspiration all around.

Retreat Details Not Available


Hundreds of Ways…

Weekend, Mid-Week or entire Week Retreat

Relax the body, clear the mind. There are hundreds of ways that can be learned and

practiced almost anywhere—while sitting, standing, walking, lying down, at work. Each

day of this retreat we will practice a form of meditation drawing from various traditions.

Come and explore practices that bring more peace, clarity, compassion and joy to our

everyday lives. Shape a practice that fits your individual situation, needs and desires.

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Art as Practice: Intuitive Artmaking


Art as practice, like the practice of yoga, is about balancing and sustaining your energy—

both physical and mental. This is a process oriented approach to Artmaking that allows

you to know and express yourself more fully and to deepen your inner life.

Specific directives and an array of techniques will be offered along with a choice of art

materials to try and explore.

Retreat Details


Mandalas: A Centering Practice


The Sanskrit word Mandala, broadly translated, means circle or sacred circle. Circles are

found in all of life and the cycles of nature. Mandala making is a meditative art form, and

a centering practice that creates a space for your inner knowing, your wise inner teacher,

to arise. It is a way in which you can connect with the fundamental pattern of wholeness,

and the web of life that sustains us all.

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~ Writing Retreats ~


Inquiry Writing/Journaling: A Contemplative Practice


Inquiry writing is a kind of cross-training for the brain that keeps the mind strong and

resilient resulting in a more integrated thought process that helps you navigate your

ever-changing life. It is a way to stay in touch with where you are, and to tap your inner

resources by allowing responses to your questions to arise through the process of writing.

”They can be like a sun, words. They can do for the heart what light can for a field”. - John of the Cross

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Writing/Journaling with Images


There is inherent wisdom within us just below the surface of our logical and reasoning

mind. Images can provide tangible support and guidance for accessing the often-neglected

gifts and abilities of our right brain--our way of knowing beyond logic. Combined with

writing, images deepen your relationship with your authentic self. Writing “know how” not

required. Use your SoulCollage® images from the previous weekend if you like.

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~ Rest and Restore Retreats ~


Spring Renewal: Quiet Retreat for Rest and Rejuvination


Celebrate the return of spring this year close to the earth, in the quiet, beautiful valley.

here at Full Circle Retreat. Relax and reawaken with all of nature. Listen to the songs of

the spring peepers and returning birds. Watch the earth come alive again. Rest, soak up

the rejuvenating energy of this natural sanctuary as you like or “do nothing”, just be.

Enjoy meals, conversation and the company of others as you wish.

Retreat Details


Autumn Rest and Reflection Retreat


Let the warm colors, rustling leaves and cool air sooth and comfort you. Come basque in

the glorious sights and sounds of the autumn season here at Full Circle Retreat. Take in the

splendor and beauty of this rural “driftless” region without an agenda. Time to just be and

allow the the rejuvenating energy of this quiet valley to soak in however you wish. You may

extend your SoulCollage® retreat from the previous weekend for a longer stay.

Retreat Details


Autumn Harvest Retreat


As the growing season completes its cycle for another year here in the midwest, join us to

enjoy the gifts of the harvest in this rural heartland - home of abundant organic farms,

gardens, CSA’s, vineyards, and food artisans of all kinds. Come and enjoy the bounty fresh

from the gardens here at Full Circle as we cook up delectable, local foods of the season.

Feed your body and soul. Enjoy good food and fun here in the “driftless” region this fall.

Retreat Details




~ Painting Retreats at Full Circle Retreat ~


Plein Air Painting in Oil: Getting the Process Down with Ann Tristani


Painting outdoors is both challenging and exhilarating. It forces you to simplify all of the

information around you. Ann will be your guide on this painting adventure, providing

structure to the sometimes daunting task of capturing a fleeting moment on canvas.

Beginning with a demonstrate of her painting process, Ann will show you how she creates

a painting from start to finish, sharing her thoughts and decisions along the way. Plenty

of individual instruction will be provided as you paint the natural beauty of the rolling hills,

valleys and streams of this “driftless area” of Wisconsin.

Retreat Details


Painting Nature: Atmosphere and Light


Come explore a method of painting that blurs the line between abstraction and realism as

we observe the atmospheric aspects of nature. With regard to the visual elements of color

light, and pattern, you will create paintings that reflect you personal experience of nature.

Allow the many life forms that inhabit this beautiful river valley to inspire you! Join us for

these three invigorating days or all five (above). Open to all, beginners welcome

Retreat Details


Taking Flight: Painting Birds


Honor and paint the birds that sing to you! Amongst our many feathered friends here you

will learn to paint the essence of a bird’s character and explore their personal symbolism.

You will create paintings that focus on the visual elements of color, movement and

expression. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing energy of nature. Come for just the

weekend or extend your painting adventure and stay the following week (below).

Retreat Details




~ Creative Life Process Retreats ~


The Artist’s Way:

A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self

Many of us have the desire to be more creative, but are unsure how to bring it into our

everyday life. The Artist’s Way is a series of steps designed to free what blocks the flow of

creativity. Where ever you are in the process, beginning, middle or completed, an Artist’s

Way retreat customed designed for your group provides the space and time to further

explore the themes and tools to “practing the art of creative living” and to support each

other in finding your own unique path to higher creativity.

Retreat Details


Your Ancestors Are Calling! 

Get in Touch with Them through Imagery and Intuition


Access the wisdom and guidance of your ancestors through intuitive creative processes

including SoulCollage®, mandala creation, music and writing. Explore the ways of being

that you have inherited from your lineage you can become more aware of how

these ancestral patterns and experiences have influenced you. We will focus on the

strengths, hopes and dreams that sustained your ancestors and draw upon them.

Retreat Details



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